How did we get so lucky?

How did we get so lucky?

We are thrilled to go on this amazing trip as a family……..and how we will get everything done between now and January 1 is mind boggling.  The spreadsheet of tasks is in full force and we are checking things off as we go.  Who’s idea was it to combine this trip with Christmas and the end of the year anyway?  Oh ya, that was me…..

Packing for 8 months on the road is interesting–trying to make sure we only bring as much as we really need and yet enough to meet our varied experiences and situations.  I am thinking I will need to negotiate with each family member to sneak another pair or two of shoes into their bags for me.


We depart on January 1 and head south of the equator to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We begin on a Princess cruise (Jared’s cousin Andrew works for Princess and hooked us up with a sweet deal–thank you Andrew!)

on January 3 and will see Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Falkland Islands, and Chile—around the tip of South America by Cape Horn.  The Straits of Magellan, Tierra Del Fuego, Chilean Fjords, all are included–so excited to see these places that I learned about in 8th grade Social Studies–(Thanks Mr. Meschling!).

Next up is the Amazon, Macchu Picchu, and the Galapagos Islands. From there is New Zealand/Australia in February; Asia (Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand–maybe Cambodia) in March; Africa (Tanzania, South Africa, maybe Kenya and Namibia) in April, then Israel and then finally Europe (The Netherlands, U.K., Italy, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Iceland…and others) May through July. We head back home in early August.

Meet up with us–this is your open invitation to join us somewhere on our trip. Also if you have some knowledge of or know someone who lives in the country that we are visiting, we would love to make the connection. We will keep you all up to date at where we will be posting photos, videos, and stories to share our experiences.

Stay tuned…..


17 thoughts on “How did we get so lucky?

  1. FANTASTICO! We can’t wait to live vicariously through your family, Jared and Kim. What lifetime memories to be cherished are on the horizon! Enjoy, soak in, and be safe. Moni and Bob

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  2. oh my god Kim you are living my dream. How are you doing this with the girls and their school?

    I have friends in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia Spain etc etc I can absolutely hook you up.

    Be happy. Be safe.

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  3. Hello Svoboda family! I hope everything is off to a great start south of the equator. You left just in time to miss the snow and freezing temperatures – brrrrrrrrr (should feel like below zero all week).

    You mentioned in your post being interested learning about any connections abroad and my “cousin” (Godmother’s daughter) lives in Israel and got married today. Here is a link to their wedding website.!touring/c1moz

    It lists a lot of great places to tour in Israel and things to do in Tel Aviv. I know you won’t be there for a while but they are super great people and could give you some great tips.

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  4. Safe travels and hope you all have a blast! What small world to catch the same flight to Boise, Idaho before Christmas… We can’t wait to follow along your journey!

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  5. Coolest trip ever. Happy New Years you maniacs! I am so jealous of your awesome adventure!!!! Enjoy and have the time of your lives!


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  6. Hello Svoboda Family! Happy New Year and I hope the trip is off to a great start! Very excited to follow you and share in the adventures virtually! Best Wishes and Safe Travels, Dawn-Marie, Bob & Avery

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