A quick update on our trip…

Yes, we’re a little behind on getting the details of our trip posted, but there is a lot of work about to be posted, so stay tuned.

As of this writing, its Tue night, Feb. 17 in Sydney, Australia. We had our first unplanned meet up with friends from home. Sandra and William Smith just happened to be in Sydney at the same time and we got to hang out with them a couple times this week. We also ran into a couple from Northbrook on a Ferry to the zoo that we did not know, but thought it worth mentioning, since we think the odds of running into someone from your neighborhood is quite low.

We’d love to see more friends and family in the next 6 mo. So here is a rough schedule of where were going and when we’ll be there. The further away on the calendar it is, the less planned we are, which means if you want to join us on our trip, we have a lot of flexibility.

Tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 18 we fly to Christchurch New Zealand, then drive (yikes, stay left) to Queenstown until Feb. 27. Then we take a Ferry to the North Island and drive North (staying on the left) until March 3, at which time we fly to Cairns, Australia.

March 3 – March 11 – Cairns, Australia

March 11 – March 17 – Hong Kong

March 17 – March 23 – Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

March 23 – April 6 – Bangkok, Thailand

April 6 – April 18 – South Africa

April 18 – April 30 approx. – Nairobi, Kenya

April 30 – May 14 – Tel Aviv, Israel

May 14 – arrive in London – here we’ll go to Italy for most of the remainder of May and then travel North from there. No specifics yet, except we know we’re going to Amsterdam, Ireland and the Netherlands, but we can easily be persuaded if we know we’ll have someone to hang out with.

We head for home on Aug. 7. So check your calendars, reserve your vacation days and find a pet sitter. Let us know where you’re think of meeting us and we can help coordinate our accommodations close together. We’ll be out here, you just need to Join Us!


The SvobodasIMG_6457

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