Quick update – from Deiva Marina

Hello from Northern Italy!

Wanted to give everyone another quick update, as we’ve seen a lot in the past month and have so much info to post. About a week ago we left Africa after being in South Africa and Kenya for about a month. We saw so much between the wild animals, beautiful coast lines and spent time seeing several schools in need that are part of the Fred Outa Foundation. You can Google Fred Outa Foundation to get a preview, but you’ll be hearing a lot more about the schools that take care of so many kids in need, with so little resources. It was our privilege to get a chance to see these kids in action and do a little to help. Lilli and Bella made some great new friends there that we hope to see again soon, I’ve added just a couple of the numerous photos we have from the Spurgeon Academy.

We also can’t wait to tell you about our sleepless night on safari as we were convinced we were about to get eaten by a lion. Lilli set us straight in the morning proclaiming we were “Pathetic!” Which is true.

Now we start our last continent, Europe.  It is such a luxury to have flush toilets again. We’ll be in Italy until about the first week in June and then probably go to Greece for a quick visit. I say probably because we have not booked anything other than seeing Kim’s brother in Germany the first week July and friends from home the second week in July in The Netherlands. So this is to remind everyone that we are open for visitors, especially in countries we’d like to visit like Greece, France, Austria and the Nordic countries.

We plan on going to the UK mid-late July before we head home the first week of August. We really can’t believe we are in the home stretch, only about 10 weeks left! Yikes!

So until we get caught up, here are a couple of our favorite photos from Africa. Stay tuned, we have so much to tell you about our journey.

Oh, and a special shout out to a couple of our new favorite friends who helped Lilli get her Froggy back, Aisling Gray from South Africa and John Samuels from Italy. And of course the customer service team at Kulula airlines, we can’t thank you enough.

Remember, you can send us questions on the blog if you’re curious about anything that were doing or if you’re thinking of taking a trip of you’re own. We’ve learned a few things about traveling since Jan. 1. Remember January? Brasil, Argentina, Chile…or is that snow, ice and sub zero temps.

IMG_8533IMG_9708 IMG_9767 IMG_8351 IMG_8583 IMG_9635 IMG_8546 IMG_0986

Love, Jared, Kim, Lilli and Isabella

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  1. Hi Svoboda’s! So glad you are having fun in Italy. Enjoy Europe and flushing toilets. Ha! Thanks for the pictures. Fun and beautiful.

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