We are home…….but not finished posting updates!


We have been home for a few weeks now and are settling back into the rhythm of everyday life….the girls are back in school and working hard to get caught up with their classmates, Jared is working hard at Cottage Door Press, and I am setting up my own Executive Coaching and Consulting practice (shameless plug: Currently seeking clients!!)  We had a very special time in Kenya and Jared and I have agreed to lead the Fred Outa Foundation which is a non profit based here in Northbrook, IL and supports education for at risk children and girls in Nairobi and Kisumu.  We are very excited to share more on that in the coming months and are looking for more people to join our board–so please let us know if you are interested.

Our trip was a very special time for all of us and we are still processing all that we did and saw.  We met some amazing new friends, saw incredible sights, had our share of challenges and tribulations, but most of all experienced it all together which ended up being the most rewarding part of all.

Stay tuned to the blog as we provide further updates and next up is Chaing Mai, Thailand.  Thailand was one of our FAVORITE places.  I am still looking for Thai Curry recipes to recreate the delicious food we had while traveling in Thailand.  So far I have missed the mark but will keep trying. All suggestions welcome!


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